Top 5 Online Schools for Wedding Planning in the USA

In the 21st century, event planning is a popular course among youngsters in America. The Sonoma Wedding photographer states that these days, event planning is a must for creating extravagant wedding arrangements and organisations to a single business party. This leads to the creation of job opportunities for those who love organising parties, especially weddings.

Top 5 Online Schools for Wedding Planning in the USA


Individuals can nurture their wedding planning and organisation skills by completing an online wedding-planning course in the best USA online schools. If you’re looking for the best online wedding planning schools in the USA, look no further; you have come to the right place. Read on to find out the best wedding planning programs available online.

  1. Virginia Commonwealth University

This school provides the best online wedding course with added business tools such as planning charges structures, contracts, marketing plans to be used in real-life situations. VCU is considered one of the best online wedding planning school that offers a certificate program which lasts for 40 hours. It includes well-explained instructions on the different aspects of a wedding and the most professional way to handle them. Pro: The certified curriculum is updated regularly by professionals that work in the industry with consistent feedback as well.

  1. University of Georgia

This university provides an online school for wedding planning through Ed2Go. This course allows you to become a prosperous wedding planner by presenting you with the essential knowledge required to start a career in the wedding planning business. With 340 educational hours, this scholastic program is affiliated with several other accredited programs along with several colleges and universities. Pros: This course costs a total of $1,595 and has flexible timings.

  1. Wedding Planning Institute

Lovegevity’ Wedding Planning Institute is an online campus that is affiliated with more than 2200 recognised universities and colleges. It is known for providing budding wedding planners with the best education possible in this field. Wedding Planning Institute is one of the best online wedding planning school available in the USA. It provides internships for its graduated wedding planners and keeps them updated through seminars. Pros: This institute offers a specific wedding and event planning course that lasts for a maximum of 12 weeks and a minimum of 8 weeks. Upon graduating, the graduate receives his/her certificate, designation and letter of recommendation.

  1. Florida International University

This university allows online students to learn and acquire all the skills required to be a perfect and detail-oriented wedding planner. The online course will enable you to experiment with different templates and real-life examples. This will help you learn more about planning weddings and all the documents and paperwork that is required to make the big day happen. FIU has several unique features in its course that makes it stands out from its competitors .Pros: It trains its students to learn to combine their creativity, passion and organisational skills to make the big day, for their assigned couple, successful.

  1. Miami Dade College

This institution provides an online degree in event planning and management which helps its students understand the importance of detailing and, use of technology. By attaining this degree, you can easily plan weddings in the long term. This degree is useful for all kinds of events.  After graduation, the students are required to pass an NCB test, after which they can become a CEPS (Certified Event Planner Specialist).


Sonoma Wedding photographer provides you with information on the best online wedding planning schools available in the USA. With event planning in demand today, get yourself enrolled in one of the above online wedding planning courses to boost your career by joining the Sonoma Wedding Photographer.

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